1. Sunday Church. (at Ocala, Florida)


  2. Holy balls. With @whiskeyandoak and @fhilogram crew.


  3. Evenings. @whiskeyandoak


  4. Beautiful physics.


  5. Step 1: submerge your bike into the river.
    Step 2: get engaged. (at Little Big Econ Bike Trail Head)


  6. Amber. (at Downtown Orlando)


  7. Very proud of the new website release we did at SightPlan. Check it out.


  8. Build a chuppa with @whiskeyandoak for Mr. & Ms. Rudnick’s wedding. #sapandbark (at Five Star Lodge and Stables)


  9. It’s been a great vacation with this unicorn. Love you @whiskeyandoak


  10. Typical Georgia wallpaper. (at 5 Star Lodge)


  11. Vacation with @whiskeyandoak starts now!


  12. Colorful bull heaven. (at El Torito Supermarket W G Linares Corp)


  13. Trying to show off some old art of mine. #cityartsfactory (at CityArts Factory)


  14. Special treat by amazing @whiskeyandoak. Greek yogurt cheesecake.


  15. White oak, vintage bulbs and sockets, canvas wrapped cord and some old chains I found in the garage. Dinning table light fixture. #sapandbark